Do you have your own web site? Are you a web developer? Are you a web designer? Do you have your personal home page? Simply provide links and encourage people to register as voluntary blood donor & donate blood. A small link on your web site or even a text link will invite more people on the web site to know more about blood donation. We will be able to create a largest online international directory of Blood Donor. Come, join hands to reduce the ever increasing gap between demand & supply with the help of this wonderful media Internet.

We have created links, logos' & few slogans based on your wish. We have also created forums on our web site; you can give the link to forum section from your side where people share their experiences about blood donation.

If you don't want to upload an image, you can always give a text link, which is simple, easy & fast to load.

If you need any help, please feel free to write back, we have volunteers from the field of web designing & development who will always be happy to assist.

Blood is the common bond between human beings. "Donate Blood" -

Our blood unites us Lets take a step towards strengthening the bond. "Donate Blood" -

You need it, I have it, When I will need it, you will have it. "Donate Blood" -

Put a Logo

Logo of donate-blood is a red drop depicting the need for blood. The image incorporated in the drop indicates benevolence of the person donating blood. The person carrying the green drop conveys two messages, one of the positive attitude of the person who is giving his blood, and the two inner white curves give effect to an inner red patch as a glass pot, which is used in the Lab to store liquid.

It generates a feeling that the green drop is falling into the glass pot, which shows that the blood we donate, is stored carefully by blood banks.

The green drop in the middle depicts the blood you are donating, giving life to the one in agony. And the "Donate Blood" message at the bottom of the drop invites more and more people to do the same.

You only need to upload this little logo on your web site.

Write slogans

Slogan stands for a Motto. We need to make blood donation the motto of our social lives. It is a very serious cause, and only with utmost dedication can we bring about the kind of response we are looking at. Slogans also act as catchphrases. People get hooked onto slogans. Let your creative mind play it's magic here.


If you have a discussion board on your web site, create or open one group as a donate-blood and invite people to post messages. If you do not have a forum, give a link to the forum section developed on