Our Mission

We are a group of web designers and developers based in Mumbai, India, comprising of regular blood donors. We receive calls throughout the day from blood banks in the local area and we have realized that the demand for blood is very high but the supply is alarmingly low. With our interaction with the blood banks we understood that:

  • Every year 100,000,000 blood bags are needed for transfusions across the world.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that on an average each person will require one unit of blood for every fifty years of his/her existence.
  • Every once in a while most blood banks feel the dirth of a particular group of blood in its stock.
  • Only those blood banks who have a list of donors who REGULARLY donate their blood can be of real help to the community in times of natural or man-made disasters (such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks).
  • Most blood donors donate their blood only sporadically.
  • People come in large numbers to donate blood in cases of calamities, but at other times the blood banks stocks may be scanty.
  • Conducting seminars, passing the message to attendees & explaining to them the need for blood donors.

To combat this demand-supply mismatch is the main objective of our organization and our mission is to spread the message of blood donation as fast as possible to each and every person living on Mother Earth.

Our aim is to see that no blood bank, anywhere in the world, should face donor shortage. We believe that this can be done by initiating more people to come forward to donate blood AND keep donating with regularity. We welcome all like-minded people in our group. If, for some reason, you are not in a position to be a blood donor, spread the good word about it to someone who can be a regular blood donor.

Our only mission is to "Generate blood donors who will donate blood REGULARLY all over the world".