Print & Distribute

Any printed material is, apart from being informative, one of the easiest and assured methods of passing a message.

.PDF format

An effective way of spreading the message is to print & distribute write-up related to blood donation. This little, attractive and informative brochure can fit into anybody's pocket. We distribute approximately 10,000 such brochures per month. The objective is to generate a list of volunteer blood donors & get them to register on the web site. This brochure helps tremendously in spreading awareness about the importance and urgency of this cause. It also goes to people who don't use the Internet or Email as yet. This way, we are increasing the reach.

If you are a blood bank you can distribute this brochure along with every bottle you deliver, the person requesting blood will understand the need & importance of blood donors. For your convenience we have put up the .pdf format on the site where you can view the content, which has been prepared by a renowned and respected doctor who has spent over 30 years in the blood-related medical field. Just download the file and hand it over to the printer and he will do the rest.

Please contact us for any kind of information or guidelines you may need for printing, we have volunteers from print media to guide you.

Back side of your visiting card

Usually, the rear side of visiting cards is left unused. This can be judiciously used to print our message there. This way you are not only spreading the message but also adding a very personal and human touch to it. A message could not be authenticated more, than a person so strongly promoting it. It reflects your genuine sincerity.

Even if you distribute 5 visiting cards a day during the course of your daily routine, you will be spreading the message to more than 100 people a month. For your convenience we have placed .PDF format artworks with different layouts. You can select any design you like, download the file and hand it over to your regular card printer.

Please contact us for any kind of more information or guidelines require for printing, we have volunteers from print media to guide you for the same.

Your Advertisements

If, in the regular course of business you advertise substantially for your products and services, you can try adding one line, at the end of your advertisement, in small fonts and you will be surprised to know the kind of impact it has. You are not only spreading the word around, but also adding value to your corporate brand equity, by being socially responsible. We all preach social responsibility of businesses towards society; this is your chance to practice it positively.

Simply copy this line and send it to your advertising agency.

'Our blood unites us… Lets take a step towards strengthening the bond. "Donate Blood" -

Your Invoice and Stationery

When you send an invoice, or brochure or fax sheet, envelopes or any other stationery material, you can copy & print the message on it. If all of us make this a habit, there will be a huge online list of voluntary blood donors. When somebody needs blood, we will have a donor.

Simply copy this line and send it to your Print agency.

Blood for humans comes only from humans -"

Greeting Card Invitation

Cards are supposed to be an excellent way of expressing our feelings. In most of our happy moments in life, we share our feelings through cards. So, in case you are sending a printed physical card to show someone you care, you can add a small line at the end of it and also tell him how deeply you are concerned about the well being of not just your circle of people, but of all humans in the circle of the universe.

Blood is the common bond between human beings. It is beyond caste, creed, race, religion or nationality - "Donate Blood" -

Rear side of your car

Associate yourself with the blood donation message, by traveling with it. The best way to spread the message everywhere you go is to put a small sticker on the rear side of your car. A mobile message will spread fast & in different areas of your city.