• Blood is The common bond
    between human beings

Be a Blood Donor

Every year 100,000,000 blood bags are needed for transfusion across the world.

All modern blood banks use 'disposable' blood collection sets. It is foolish to believe the myth that blood donation will cause diseases like AIDS.

Donate Blood Every 3 Months

May people feel that having donated their blood once, they have fulfilled their social obligation. This is WRONG. you can donate blood every three months.Make it a habit to donate blood at least once every year.

Do Not Hesitate

Fear is the main cause of hesitation for blood donation. This fear is almost universal. The best way to overcomes this fear is by blood donation! The experience itself will teach you that the fear was baseless. Let the children in your family grow without this fear.


How can you contribute?

First and foremost: We don't accept any donations.

We want you to help us to further this movement in your way, in OUR way!

  • Be a regular blood donor
  • Generate new blood donors
  • Spread this message.

And, yes, there IS one more way you can contribute to this cause

Send us more ideas to achieve our aim. (We will be happy to incorporate them on our website and add your name to our "Thank" list!)

Remember, a few minutes of your time can mean a new life to someone.

Here is how you can spread the message:

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Our Mission

We are a group of web designers and developers based in Mumbai, India, comprising of regular blood donors.

Every year 100,000,000 blood bags are needed for transfusions across the world

Every once in a while most blood banks feel the dirth of a particular group of blood in its stock.

Most blood donors donate their blood only sporadically.

People come in large numbers to donate blood in cases of calamities, but at other times the blood banks stocks may be scanty.